Construction Logisics

When you are building your business, it is important tto have a solid plan to build from.

Custom Construction Planning And Development

We have vast experience in the important pre-construction process, which can quite often be more protracted than the actual construction process. However, our experience brings benefits that can substantially reduce the time frame for achieving prompt construction commencement.

Working with the Client and our team, we can address the following pre-construction matters:

  1. Assist, if required, with land acquisition, employing the efficient services of our realty partner Attlee Realty, LLC. This company is extremely active in the sourcing, marketing and sale of properties of any description, including vacant land suited to a buyer’s requirement. Their service also includes dealing with the possible requirement of applications for property rezoning and, at times, lifting of property deed restrictions that may blight a development project.
  2. Engage with a Client to understand their development budget, and from that base steer conceptual design with their selected design team, or in the absence of such, with our own design partners. We insist on playing a leading role in discussions between Client and Architect, not only to ensure that the design brief is adhered to, but also to advise in relation to budget costs as the process progresses.
  3. Agreeing a design that meets the Client’s requirements and is cost effective will enable speedy associated design elements to be addressed, such as Structural and Civil design and M & E design. We have partners that offer these services. Once completed, the full set of design drawings can be submitted to the relevant City authorities for approval and issue of construction permit.
  4. We recommend drawings that fully specify all materials and specialized items that are required to complete a project. Such specification enables us to obtain detailed pricing for all elements of the work to be undertaken.
  5. We assist in obtaining soil reports required by the Civil Engineers, as well as any reports required by the City or other authorities, for example environmental impact reports or asbestos inspections if demolition is a part of the scope of works.
  6. We provide initial budget pricing for feasibility study purposes. Once the design is committed, we are then able to provide an accurate and all-inclusive competitive bid, that aims to meet the Client’s budget, and to obviate unnecessary change orders. The early budget pricing also affords an opportunity to value engineer the project if required.
  7. We assist in ‘walking through’ documents at the City to ensure that no time is lost in obtaining a construction commencement permit.
  8. We attend to the final presentation of a bid, agree a construction time and completion date, and submit a proposed construction schedule to the Client prior to formalizing these agreed items in a suitable contract form.


Planning / Development



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