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Big projects require big brains. At Tavacon we will guide you through he building process and insure that your build is a complete success.

Tavacon Construction Management

  1. We work with a great team of subcontractors who offer services for all elements of a construction project. We rely on their competitive pricing, their honesty and integrity that mirrors that of our mission statement, and on their compliance with our contract schedule to ensure no unnecessary delays to the project.
  2. We acknowledge and comply with statutory requirements of all authorities, especially regards the health and safety of all operatives that work on our projects, appreciating their fundamental right to proper welfare always.
  3. We manage the building process proactively, ensuring early and frequent notifications to the team regards matters affecting schedule, variations and where necessary, costs. We insist on attendance to weekly or fortnightly meetings by all key players, and we aim to address apparent issues with solutions rather than to see them as problems.
  4. We present the Client with a weekly progress report, addressing also any delays that might occur that are beyond our control, for example inclement weather that prohibits work progress, or unforeseen site related issues. We frequently update the contract schedule to reflect any changes that may be necessary because of these delays.
  5. We co-operate with City officials always, ensuring compliance with City Code and thereby obviating delays in the issuance of a Certificate of Occupation once works are completed.


Construction / management



From small storefronts to advanced art installs, Tavacon is ready to build your local business.


If you need a great warehouse or supply and production plant, we can do that for you.


Tavacon specializes in building offices for any size business. We understand space and concept.


We have a great car wash niche for building and selling. We understand this very profitable vertical.